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HalMock FurBall: Sink or Swim - Atari Jaguar


HalMock FurBall: Sink or Swim is a cartoony one-button highscore-hunting game for the Jaguar.

The game is about HalMock FurBall, an intelligent space hamster who works as a private investigator. While looking into a case, he gets caught up with a mobster called Fatso Laboom. His goons force HalMock into a corner by the docks and want to make him disappear. They chain something heavy to his feet and throw him into the water.

With his amazing burp power HalMock has to burst the bubble he is trapped in and must swim back to the surface before his air runs out or he reaches the ground.

The player has to quickly tap a button to charge HalMock's burp power bar.


Genre: One-Button

System: Atari Jaguar

Status: Playable Demo

Year: 2017


Game Design, Artwork & Programming by Starcat

Ideas & Concept Art by Gavia

Powered by U-235 Sound Engine

mod.alf by Trash (DK) (Falcons)


HalMock FurBall is the star of his own adventure game made by Starcat in 2007.