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Saturday, 2 November 2019, 6:31 am - Starcat

JagMIND: Bomb Squad Plus

We’ve teamed up with Songbird Productions to bring you a fully remastered version of JagMIND.

JagMind: Bomb Squad Plus is a fully remastered release of the 2006 CD game.
All art has been updated and is crispier and cleaner. Same with sound effects.
The music is completely new, with tracks made by Carl Forhan and Marcus Losbjer.
Most importantly the gameplay has been completely rebuild and features a much improved progression in singleplayer and better playability in two player mode now.
It features improved highscore saving, too.
Roughly estimated 80% of assets and code are updated or redone from scratch.


The Early Years CD Collection

6MB cartridge

Songbird Productions is pleased to announce The Early Years CD Collection for the Atari Jaguar! The Early Years is a collection of games and demos from some of the earliest hobby developers for the Jaguar. For the very first time you can enjoy them all packed into a massive 6MB cartridge. No CD unit required!

The Early Years cartridge release includes:

CGE 5th Anniversary Slideshow by Songbird Productions
Clicks full game by MD Games
JagMIND: Bomb Squad Plus full game by Starcat Devocean
Native playable demo by Duranik

In addition to the cartridge, the release includes a professionally printed box, manual, and cartridge label.