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Wednesday, 4 April 2018, 7:13 am - Starcat

HalMock FurBall : Sink or Swim – UPDATED!

* Some players had compatibility problems on actual hardware, especially Jaguar models of the early M series. We worked hard to fix the issue and updated the download. Thanks a lot to Nicolas Persijn who tested the game. It should now work on all retail units. *

HalMock FurBall: Sink or Swim is a cartoony one-button highscore-hunting game for the Jaguar.

The game is designed to run from RAM. The zip file we provide contains the Virtual Jaguar emulator for Windows as well. So you can check out the game even if you do not have a Jaguar console.

If you do have original hardware, you can use a Skunkboard or similar dev kit or convert the game using Jiffi into a format you can use. (If those were just random words to you, head over to the Atari community at AtariAge.)

Enjoy the game!

HalMock FurBall – Sink or Swim