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Sunday, 29 October 2017, 12:04 pm - Starcat

Four years later…

Has it really been that long?
Ah well. Interesting things are happening in the Atari Jaguar community.
There have been several releases by Reboot, among them some classic Atari ST titles brought to the Jaguar and their fine Raptor Engine, which helped bring more developers and their games to the Jaguar.
And there is a SD Cart on the horizon made by another developer which will open a lot of new possibilities!

On non-game related news:
I’ve been working on a book for most of this year which is sort of a spin-off to Eerievale our canceled adventure project.
Sadly the game was too big to be completed without funding and a team working on it full time. What remained was a lot of story and no way to tell it.
That was until earlier this year I found a publisher for my book!

“Robert Fuchs – Ermittler für übernatürliche Fälle”
(roughly translates to: Robert Fox – investigator of supernatural cases)
It features a series of seven steampunk detective stories set in the world of Eerievale. Each of these stories or cases feel very much the way I wanted the adventure game to feel. So the book is probably as close as it gets to the game.
As you may have guessed for now it’s in German only, but who knows what happens if there is enough interest. Maybe my publisher will consider a translation?
The book is scheduled for a release in Autumn 2018.